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About Us

About This Blog

conquerwithknowledge.blogspot.co.id is a personal blog that was made on 25 May 2016, discusses some categories of topic but more dominated by the topic of articles about education and share files.

Several sources in the blog article is partly derived from the sharing of knowledge, experience and the author's opinion as well as references from various sources. The purpose of this blog of course want to provide a solution, references, insight and entertainment to the reader.

About The Author

Fadel Muslaini - I come from Watampone, South Sulawesi, interested in blogs starting mid 2010. Because I think the activity that can never be boring is blogging, because there will be many new things that make us figure out what and how.

Besides the blog will continue to evolve in line with the activity of the author, there is no limit to what a blog will evolve. That makes curiosity I want to keep learning and learning.

Nothing highest achievement that I expect from this blog, because there is no limitation of a blog to keep growing. I just want this blog to stay alive, still have a reader, still exists and can be found on the internet until whenever.

If there is something that you want to ask or perhaps criticism and suggestions you can contact me via the Contact Us, with pleasure I will share about anything and accept any input from you. I may not always be online every day so I apologize if my late reply to your messages.
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